Report card_ grizzlies vs. mavericks – grizzly bear blues

The Memphis Grizzlies are an upper echelon Western Conference team. Itchy bumps on feet and ankles Yet they have an unfortunate habit of sleepwalking through games against teams trailing them in the standings. Itchy bumps on soles of feet Such was the case against the Dallas Mavericks.

Causes of itchy hands and feet In a game seemingly pivotal to getting the road split on the back to back tour of Texas, the Bears of Beale managed to squander a golden opportunity against the new look Mavericks.

Let’s get to the grades Zach Randolph: A+ Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Z-Bo turned back the clock for the Grizzlies in this one. Causes of itchy feet at night Generally players don’t get such a high grade in a disappointing loss. Dry itchy skin on feet I understand that some even may disagree on this one, but the fact of the matter is that the Grizzlies don’t have a chance in this game without him. Burning itchy feet at night The Mavericks had no answer for him, and he bullied his way to another fantastic game for the Grizzlies. Itchy feet at night causes Mike Conley: B+

30 pts (9-15 fg), 4 assists, 2 rebounds, 1 turnover 1 steal, -7 (+/-)

The Conductor turned in another solid performance, but his high scoring game felt oddly empty. Constant itchy feet In a game where he should have completely outclassed his backcourt foe Yogi Ferrell, Conley left Grizzlies fans wanting more. Small itchy bumps on hands and feet Scoring 30 points on only 15 shots is a fantastic evening from the PG, but the Grizzlies needed a more well rounded performance to come away with a win in Dallas.

Side Note: It only took until the 5:24 mark in the first quarter to hear the first snarky comment about Conley’s contract from Mavericks TV man Mark Followell. Soles of feet itchy at night Vince Carter: B+

Vince Carter is amazing. What to do for itchy feet It cannot be overstated how important he is to the Grizzlies as a 40 year old in today’s NBA. Why do i have itchy feet Against the Mavericks he was exactly the player that Memphis needs him to be, knocking down three 3’s en route to another double figure outing for the ageless wonder.

Tough night for JaM. Feet are itchy He was just kind of out there. Itchy feet travel The best thing about a player like Green is that he can affect the game without scoring. To have itchy feet His energy and defense are a vital part of what makes the Grizzlies successful. Itchy bumps on side of feet Yet, make no mistake, when he scores, the Grizzlies offense flows. Sore itchy feet His ability to create extra possessions on the offensive glass always seem to give the Grizzlies extra scoring punch. Itchy sore feet Tonight he didn’t collect a single offensive rebound. Home remedies for itchy feet at night To be successful, the Grizzlies need more out of their starting PF. Reasons for itchy feet Tony Douglas: C-

Backup PG has been a revolving door of mediocrity for the Memphis Grizzlies this year. Itchy skin on feet With some pundits bemoaning the premature signing of Douglas with other options available, he has nonetheless been a serviceable backup. Itchy palms and soles of feet no rash He can defend either guard spot, initiate the offense with a steady reliability, and he brings a certain toughness to the second unit. Itchy soles of feet and palms of hands All niceties aside, Douglas less than stellar tonight. Red dots on feet itchy The offense was stagnant and the ball didn’t always go where it needed to go. How to treat itchy feet Ultimately that falls partly on Douglas. What does it mean when you have itchy feet Marc Gasol: D+ Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Big Spain struggled against the younger, longer Nerlens Noel. Dry cracked itchy feet Often settling for fall away jumpers, the shot just wasn’t there for the center tonight. Itchy feet in bed He was aggressive in looking to score, but just couldn’t seem to find a rhythm or comfort. Itching of hands and feet Memphis generally goes as Gasol goes, and unfortunately it just wasn’t there for the Greatest Grizzly of all time in this one. Itchy blisters on feet not athlete’s foot Here’s hoping he bounces back in a big way against the Rockets. Itchy blisters on top of feet Tony Allen: D-

The Grindfather was a disappointment tonight. Itchy blisters on top of foot There is no way around it. Itchy feet and hands during pregnancy He brings unbelievable energy night in and night out. Itchy palms and soles of feet during pregnancy Unfortunately sometimes that just isn’t enough. Itchy palms and feet pregnant His lack of offensive skill is generally offset by the slashing, cutting, and run out layups he can generate. Itchy bumps on my feet Those weren’t there tonight, but odds are that TA gets into double figures vs the Rockets on the second night of a back to back. White itchy bumps on feet The Grizzlies will need a big effort from him against James Harden, and Allen will be eager to redeem himself. Painful itchy feet Chandler Parsons: D- Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I loved the summer signing of Chandler Parsons. I have itchy feet He has the skill set to to take the Grizzlies from middle of the road western conference team to legit contender. Red itchy hands and feet His first quarter showing had me sitting on the edge of my seat. Itchy dry skin on feet He posted smaller defenders, he attacked early, buried a corner three, and did a fine guarding Dirk Nowitzki. Itchy toes and feet Unfortunately as the game wore on his shot flattened and feet slowed. Itchy feet and palms He just doesn’t look right. Itchy palms and feet at night It has become a legitimate question what to do with him between now and the playoffs. Itchy scaly feet Make no mistake, he has progressed and is trending the right way. Itchy feet with bumps But it really looks like James Ennis or Troy Daniels could do more at this point to contribute to a sustained Grizzlies playoff seeding push. Sweaty itchy feet Troy Daniels: F

Troy Daniels is a gunner. Burning itchy hands and feet His role is to shoot, and he is eager to oblige. Severe itchy feet at night If he doesn’t have it on a given night, he isn’t going to be of much help. Itchy rash on feet and hands He didn’t hurt the Grizzlies in this one, but he certainly didn’t give them any kind of lift. Red itchy bumps on hands and feet David Fizdale: C-

Coach Fiz does a great job with his lineups and tonight was no different. Rash on hands and feet itchy It always seems like he has the right mix of guys on the floor. Itchy cracked feet The one maddening character flaw he continues to exhibit is his careless use of timeouts. Itchy feet at night liver Time and time again it seems the Grizzlies are short on timeouts as the game winds down. Itchy feet at night diabetes Tonight was more of the same. Itchy burning feet at night The late technical foul he received was also a head scratching moment for the first year coach. Itchy soles of feet pregnancy Never smart to jump the referee’s in a two possession game with under a minute to play.

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