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resembles an octopus, with a bulbous body and as many as 15 arm-like processes. Radial glial cells function 1 cell forms many sheaths as it wraps its processes around multiple sxns of nearby axons. Definition of glial cells in psychology each process reaches out 2 nerve fiber & spirals around like electrcl tape wr ar wire

small macrophages in CNS that develop from white blood cells called monocytes. What do glial cells do in the brain They wander thru the CNS & phagocytize and destroy damaged or dead nervous tissue, microorganisms & other foreign matter.

microglia become concentrated in areas damaged by infection, trauma or stroke

pathologists look for clusters of microglia in brain tissue as a clue to sites of injury

star-shaped glial cells that regulate the environment in the CNS.

they are the most abundant type of neuroglial cell, (covering the entire brain surface).

three main functions of astrocytes (in general, just summarize them)

1) use their “perivascular feet” to contact endothelium of blood capillaries, stimulating formation of tight junctions and strengthening the blood-brain barrier

astrocytes have numerous xtensions called “perivascular feet” which contact the endothelium of t blood cap & stim them 2 form tight junct. What type of glial cell is a phagocyte This is part of the formation of blood-brain barrier

formed by t contact of perivasc feet of astrocytes w the endothelium of blood capillaries (stim. Six types of glial cells them to form tight junctions). Glial cells function in the brain isolates t blood frm t brain tiss, strctly contr. 4 types of glial cells and their functions which subst. What is glial cells definition R able 2 get from the b stream 2 t B tissue (thus prtcting neurn

they nourish the neurons, and secrete nerve growth factors that promote neuron growth and synaptic formations

role of astrocytes in maintaining chemical environment of tissue fluid?

they can absorb K+ and neurotransmitter, preventing them from reaching excessive levels in the tissue fluid

fatty insulation (made of 80% lipid and 20% protein) that forms a protective sheath around a nerve fiber. What are glial cells and what is their function It insulates the axon from the extracellular fluid, and speeds up signal conduction within the nerve fiber.

formed by oligodendrocytes in CNS & by Schwann cells in the PNS

neuroglial cells that resemble a cuboidal epithelium, lining the internal cavities of the CNS (i.e. What are glial cells and their functions linings of brain ventricles & the central canal of the spinal cord).

they have no basement membrane, and they exhibit root-like processes that penetrate into the underlying nervous tissue.

they produce and secrete cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) inside the brain ventricles & inside the central canal of spinal cord. Types of glial cells in the cns They have patches of cilia on their apical surfaces that help circulate the CSF

cerebrospinal fluid: a blood filtrate product that bathes the CNS and fills its internal cavities.

just draw cuboidal cells with root-like penetrating processes going into nervous tissue, and cilia on apical end extending into CSF

neuroglia which myelinate the nerve fibers of PNS. A type of glial cell these cells wind repeatedly around a single n f, laying dwn multple compact layers of its own membr w almost no cytop bw t membranes. Three types of glial cells and their functions Most of t SC cyto & organelles r squeezed 2 t outermost coil, =neuril_

AKA “Sheath of Schwann” the thick, outermost coil, it is the bulging body of the SC, containing its nucleus & most of its cytoplasm.

external to the neurilemma is a basal lamina and then a thin sleeve of fibrous connective tissue called the endoneurium.

found between the neurilemma and the endoneurium of a peripheral neuron.

difference between Schwann cell & oligodendrocyte (besides CNS & PNS)

in the SC, one cell forms one sheath around a single section of axon (therefore many SC’s go down an axon). Structure and function of glial cells In the oligo, one cell forms MANY sheaths around various sections of multiple nearby neurons.

in both PNS & CNS, nerve fiber requires many SC or olig 2 insul. Function of glial cells in nervous system along its length, there4 its MS is segmented. Glial cells function Gaps bw seg. Glial cells definition (where m from one cell ends & __) are known as nodes of Ranvier. What are glial cells (axolemma is exposed at these nodes)

gaps between myelin sheaths. Types of glial cells axolemma is exposed at these nodes

there is none. Function of glial cells in this case its just a membrane process wrapping around the central nerve fiber. Define glial cells the cytoplasm & nucleus (which form neurilemma around axons of PNS) is contained in the cell body of the oligodendrocyte

there is no need. Radial glial cells since nerves of the brain & spinal cord are already protected from outside structures.

draw axon, w break for axolemma. What do glial cells do then uniform and compact myelin layers (top and bottom), topped w neurilemma (bulge w nucleus). What is the function of glial cells myelin & neurilemma make up the Schwann cell. One function of glial cells is to then top w single basal lamina and a fibrous endoneurium.

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