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ANDERSON — Crystal Sells cried and was hugged by one of her defense attorneys after a Madison Circuit Court Division 6 jury returned verdicts of guilty on all six counts of neglecting her 15-year-old mentally and physically disabled niece.

Sells, 23, was found guilty Friday after less than three hours of deliberation by the 12-member jury.

Deputy Prosecutor Courtney Staton said she wasn’t surprised the jury didn’t take longer deliberating a case where two people have already been sentenced to prison for neglecting the girl.

“You just can’t ever tell,” Staton said. Blood plasma is filtered in “Once you put it in the jury’s hands, it’s in the jury’s hands.”

Sells was convicted of three Level 3 felony charges of neglect of a dependent and three Class D felony charges of neglect of a dependent. Constituents of blood plasma She could be sentenced to a prison term of 16 to 24 years if the sentences are served concurrently.

Sells lived in the home of Steve and Joetta Sells, who were the legal guardians of the disabled teen. Blood plasma images For their roles in the girl’s neglect, the married couple have each received 24-year sentences.

The Sells lived in a home in the 3400 block of Forest Terrace, where Crystal Sells’ niece was found in an emaciated condition and living in a locked room on the second floor on Dec. What is the difference between blood plasma and blood serum 1, 2014. Difference between blood plasma and blood serum The upstairs bedroom, which had no furniture, was smeared with feces and blood.

Defense attorney David Shircliff and Sells declined to comment following the verdict. What are the components of blood plasma Shircliff said an appeal will be filed.

A day earlier, the Indiana Court of Appeals upheld the 24-year sentence for Joetta Sells. Structure of plasma in blood Steve Sells has not filed an appeal.

On Friday, Crystal Sells was immediately transported to the Madison County Jail.

Her attorneys requested that she remain free on bond until the sentencing hearing, which was set by Judge Mark Dudley for March 27 at 10 a.m.

Dudley denied the request because Sells has been residing in Tennessee with family members for the past month.

Deputy Prosecutor Daniel Kopp said he was confident that the jury would return a guilty verdict on all counts.

During closing statements, the prosecution and defense argued over whether Crystal Sells voluntarily assumed care for the 15-year-old girl with mental disabilities or not.

Staton said Sells voluntarily assumed care of the girl, which was shown by the amount of housework she did and confirmed by Sells herself in recorded statements she made to police.

“The three adults made the decisions in the house together,” Staton said. What does plasma in blood do “The defendant took care of everything. Blood plasma ratio Don’t forget she said that.”

Staton read several direct quotes of what Sells said to investigators in recorded statements, when Sells made comments about how she prepared meals every day and cleaned the house, including cleaning the girl’s room, daily. Components of blood plasma and their functions However, evidence shows that Sells didn’t clean the room frequently at all, and the feces on the floor getting into open wounds is what caused the girl to go into sepsis shock, Staton said.

Shircliff argued Sells didn’t assume responsibility for the girl voluntarily because while she prepared food and did housework, she simply lived with the girl and her parents.

Shircliff said Crystal Sells was afraid of what Steve Sells would do to her. Density of blood plasma Sells mentioned at the end of the final statement she made to police that Steve Sells once touched her breast, but she wasn’t sure if it was intentional or not and he apologized.

The abuse and fear in Crystal Sells started there, Shircliff said. How much plasma in blood He also said Steve Sells abused the girl frequently, and that fear resonated with Sells.

“Everyone’s behavior changes in a house when that happens,” Shircliff said. Blood plasma meaning “How could it not? How can any of us endure that and not let it affect us?”

Shircliff tried to discredit the statements of two witnesses. Function of plasma in the blood Steven Davis, Crystal Sells’ cousin who was at the house five days a week, and a now 6-year-old girl who lived at the home at the time. How to increase plasma in blood Both said that Sells locked the girl in the room personally.

However, Kopp said both testimonies are evidence and should not be discredited by the jury since the two were at the home frequently.

“We want to hold her accountable for what she did, not for being in the house,” Kopp said.

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